Why Are Americans Still Flocking to Costa Rica- Renting in Costa Rica

Renting in Costa Rica


Most expats recommend that you rent before you buy. Before you plunk down money on a house or condo in a new place, stay awhile and see if it suits your needs. Start your search for a rental on the Internet. You’ll find plenty of websites out there; but most promote short-term vacation rentals, and in touristy locations, prices can be high. Real estate agents in Costa Rica often offer rental properties.

The classified section of online local newspapers is also a good source (especially to get a feel for prices).

To give you an idea of prices, here are some examples of rentals in Costa Rica:

  • A two-bedroom, one-bathroom home in Nuevo Arenal. Comes fully furnished and is just 600 feet from the water’s edge. Rent: $350 per month.
  • In Playa Hermosa, on the Central Pacific Coast, there’s a two-bedroom, two-bathroom condo for rent. In a private community just five minutes from the beach you’ll also have access to three swimming pools, cable TV, and Internet. Rent: $700-$1,200 per month (price negotiable).

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