Lakeside Lot in Costa Rica With Stunning Views.

Lakeside Lot in Costa Rica With Stunning Views
by Ronan McMahon

This stunningly beautiful place in Costa Rica has been overlooked. I can’t explain why. It’s just one of those anomalies.

Sometimes things of great beauty and value are overlooked…for a while. Like the work of a great artist that gathers dust on a shelf until someone spots it.

Then everyone wonders how it could have been missed.

The drive from Costa Rica’s capital, San Jose, was on a modern highway. Scenic, interesting and smooth. Around the lake was sporty and dramatic. The type of road a high-end German car company would use to film a commercial for their latest luxury sedan.

There’s no traffic. It’s only us meandering along the lake shore.

To the right, a thick green jungle-clad hill rises steeply from the roadside. The roar of the howler monkeys, and the posing of flamboyant brightly colored birds, remind me that I’m in Costa Rica. But, it feels like I could be in Switzerland or Italy’s Alpine lake country.

Down a hill and through a little wooded area and we arrive at the dock. We’re alone. The water is glass flat. The sun is warm on my face, the temperature a comfortable 72 degrees. We push off. The engine exerts itself for a few seconds and then we are gliding.

I turn…looking forward. WOW.

Directly in front of us a towering volcano coughs white steam and smoke. It’s an awesome and jaw dropping sight. Looking toward the horizon, the light and dark blue of the lake meets the rich pastoral green of hills and fields interspersed with forest. Looking up…and up…the volcano’s cone rises and towers against a back drop of bright blue sky. Turning…and to my right wind mills whirl on the hills. To the west is the windy side of the lake. This is the spot for wind surfing and sailing.

Tourists come in numbers to this area to hike in the hills and bathe in the hot springs. But few get as far as this charming little town and lake. It’s like the tourist trail stops…for no good reason…20 minutes down the road.

The road here is good and you don’t want for any modern conveniences or amenities. I’ve seen situations like this before. Places like the Caribbean Bay Island of Roatan and Boquete in Panama were beautiful, undiscovered places. Once the word got out, people came and property values exploded.


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