Belize: The Top English Speaking Retirement Haven in the Caribbean. Making Money in Belize.

Making Money in Belize

Getting a work visa If you are not a permanent resident in Belize, you will need a work permit to legally work. Self-employment permits are by far the easiest to obtain, as you will most likely be viewed as someone with a business that will in fact create jobs and employ local Belizeans. General work permits must be applied for by your prospective employer. That employer will have to prove that they have been unable to find a current local resident to fill the position before a permit will be issued.

For more information, contact your nearest Belize Embassy.

Setting up your own business The Belize Trade and Investment Development Service (BELTRAIDE) works to help international and local investors in establishing and developing a business in Belize. See their website for more:

Making money overseas If you’re interested in finding a way to fund your life overseas, there are a whole host of “jobs” that you can do from anywhere in the world. These are jobs that you can do from the front porch of your beach house…jobs that allow you to work in the morning, leaving the afternoon free for relaxing, reading, snorkeling, sailing…

These days, the world is more interconnected than ever and the possibilities for a portable paycheck are almost never-ending. You don’t need an MBA or thousands upon thousands of start-up cash to create a business for yourself that can easily fund your life overseas.

Here are just some of the ways you can do that.

Travel writing: Of all the kinds of writing you can do—fiction, academic, marketing, technical, etc.—travel writing is the most fun…and the most rewarding. Perhaps you already took a long vacation this year. You might find it hard to explain to that voice in your head—the one that monitors your bank account—that you’re going to take another. But if you can make enough money selling a story about your trip to cover its cost…or at least defray, say, the cost of the airfare…well, then, that is not such a bad arrangement.

Take Sandra Kennedy. She retired from teaching and wasn’t sure how she’d keep myself busy. But now here she gets paid to travel, take pictures along the way, and write about what she recommends other people do and see. She finds it hard to believe it’s even a real job!

Sandra has stayed at lavish haciendas, eaten the freshest foods in Ecuador, gotten to know the smiling, helpful locals. She’s been to a Shaman healing ceremony, rode horses in the Andes and learned to weave. And then she sat sipping fresh mango juice, relaxing by the pool. Sandra takes notes and photos along the way and spends a few evenings writing up her impressions while they’re fresh in her mind. Once she’s back home, she puts them into proper sentences and then finds an editor who will pay her for them.

Five-years on, and Sandra’s portfolio is filled with travel articles and photographs from Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala, Portugal, Uruguay, Argentina, Alaska, Maine, Oregon and Washington. And many of those articles came out of trips she enjoyed for next-to-nothing or even free.

An online business: Did you know that there’s a great way to make money from the comfort of your own home anywhere in the world, doing exactly what you’re doing now?

When Larry and Beatriz visited Medellin, Colombia they fell in love and knew they had to live there.Luckily for them, they were easily able to use their existing skills to create a business opportunity that translated from Coral Springs to Colombia.

At first, it was every two months. Then once a month. But that wasn’t often enough for Larry Snyder. So in 2008 he packed his bags, and he and his German shepherd, Hans, took a one-way flight to Medellin, Colombia.

“I started traveling to Colombia with my girlfriend Beatriz—who’s now my wife. She was making frequent trips for her clothing business in Florida. My work as a nurse in the Coral Springs E.R. meant I could schedule six days back-to-back and then take eight days off,” Larry says.

Beatriz started her own clothes manufacturing company in Colombia and Larry had an online business offering continuing education to nurses—something he could run from anywhere. So he went back to America and cleaned out the house.As a registered nurse, Larry knows about health care and hospitals so he turned his existing skills into an online business he can run from anywhere. And he couldn’t be happier.

Photography: Walk into your back yard, kneel down, and snap a photo of a flower in your garden…or capture a shot of your grandchildren playing with a football. Did you know that these photos could earn you $25…$50…even $150 or more for each one?

Imagine if, every time you went on vacation, with your camera in tow, you could make up to $800 for those pictures you snap.There is no great secret to breaking into photography—even if you have no experience and only use a simple point-and-shoot camera, it can still be a way to fund a new, more relaxed, and fun lifestyle.

Photos are used everywhere…newspapers, magazines, billboards, websites, technical manuals, and almost any published material. Someone has to take those pictures. Why shouldn’t that someone be you?

Take David Morgan. He wasn’t any hot-shot photographer when, with a Vivitar camera in hand, he traveled across Asia for six months. He dined with the Privy Counsel to the King of Thailand…met the late Mother Teresa…and shook hands with the Dalai Lama. He took a week-long, four-wheel-drive journey across Tibet. He went trout fishing in a pristine mountain stream in Bumburet, a hidden valley in the Hindu Kush. He also got to see secret religious ceremonies rarely witnessed by outsiders.

The icing on the cake was that he found a textbook publisher who needed the photos from his trip. Not only did his connections save him money, but he actually made money… over $6,000! What’s more, a few years later, the publisher offered to pay him again when the book went to a second edition.

Photography really can open up the world to you. As a “working” photographer, you can pickup-and-go any time you choose…get on a flight to any number of far-flung destinations…and enjoy the freedom of the photographer’s life.

A money-making website: The Internet is one of the most powerful money-making tools you could ever hope to have at your disposal. Sure, it’s useful for staying connected and keeping on top of what’s happening in the world, but beyond that, it holds the key to a global market place that you can tap into with fantastic results.

A few years ago Nick Osborne decided to try his hand at creating a website that would make him some extra money. His idea was simply to create an informational site that would make money through people clicking on ads and other money-making links. Here is Nick’s story:

“When it comes to retirement income, I want the money coming in, regardless of where I live. Having a money-making website gives me that flexibility. I can do this from anywhere in the world. All I need is a laptop and an Internet connection. If I choose to retire abroad permanently, I just have to make sure I have Internet access. And if I decide to spend a year or more traveling the world, I can just plug in at hotels or cafes along the way.

“I didn’t want to “go into business” and have to source and ship products, or deal with customers. I just wanted to write informative pages, and make some money with ads.

“The site I created was As its name suggest, it’s about coffee. I’m not a coffee professional, and have never worked in the coffee business. I just like coffee. I wanted to write about something that interested me, and see if I could make some money along the way. The site has been up for almost five years. It now gets over 3,000 visitors a day. And this month it looks like the site will be making me about $6,000.”

Copywriting: Why exactly did you buy a whole caseload of nutritional supplement made from the oils of mold-infested Bolivian tree bark? Spend $3,000 to drink foul-tasting mare’s milk whilst undergoing the Spartan regime of a yoga retreat in Outer Mongolia?

Undoubtedly, it was because some devilishly clever person persuaded you to. It was something that you simply had to have…had to experience.

The big earners of the writing market are copywriters. Effectively dream sellers, many of them can earn fantastic money. By writing letters for the direct mail market (you and I might call it junk mail or spam), they persuade consumers to buy companies’ products—health products, financial products, self-improvement products, and travel products. You name it, and you can bet there’s a copywriter involved somewhere along the line.

Hospitals use copywriters, charities use copywriters. Whenever a business or organization needs to pro-mote itself (through a press release, leafleting, online, a newsletter, or other forms of media), it also gener­ally hires a copywriter.

Paul Hollingshead went from making $6.50 an hour stacking shelves in a grocery store to making $400,000 a year as a copywriter. Paul “works” a few hours a day. He writes one, maybe two letters a month. Recently, he moved with his family to a little historic town in the Vermont countryside. He has no bosses, no commute. He writes from a little cottage steps from his house, where he is surrounded by peace and quiet. For a break, he says he’ll walk over to the old Inn across the street for lunch…grab a coffee at the local market…

A top-notch copywriter can easily command $8,000 per letter. Imagine getting $96,000 in fees each year just for writing 12 letters. But that’s only the start of things. But, before you get carried away, note that not all copywriters earn quite as much. To get a six-figure income, you’ll first need to establish a track record. Of course, there are many countries in the world where that kind of money goes a long way. And again, it’s another wonderful career you can do from anywhere in the world.


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