Looking for some local dining out options with a discount?

SouthFloridaDines.com is South Florida’s most advanced and comprehensive online dining guide offering gift certificates to over 350 restaurants at 50% off … and sometimes even more!

At SouthFloridaDines.com, our main goal is to give you the incentive to try something new! Hundreds of happy SouthFloridaDines.com customers have emailed us saying that they never would have found some of their new favorite places if it hadn’t been for the fact that they were able to take a virtual tour and purchase a gift certificate at half price as an incentive to try them for the first time. So…while you’ll definitely see some of the most popular restaurants in South Florida on SouthFloridaDines.com, please…USE US to try new places as well! You never know what great little “find” is right around the corner from your home. Here’s a little info that should explain any questions you may have. •How SouthFloridaDines.com works? •How do I register for an account? •How do I find restaurants I want? •Can I print certificates? •I lost my certificate or I let it expire…now what? •What are dines dollars? •Do I have to pay a fee to use your service? •Can I open more than one account? •OK…I see something I like. Now what? •What are the restrictions on the SouthFloridaDines.com Gift Certificates? •How do I pay for the Gift Certificates? •How and when will I receive the Gift Certificates? •How much do you charge for shipping? •What happens if I buy a Gift Certificate and the restaurant goes out of business before I am able to use it? •When can I see your TV show? •What’s the catch? How SouthFloridaDines.com Works SouthFloridaDines.com is South Florida’s largest dining guide. Since 2009 we’ve been promoting restaurants on our website and on our TV and radio shows. These restaurants are looking for new customers…they want your business! So we’ve arranged it so you can purchase dining gift certificates at HALF PRICE. That gives you a great incentive to try something new! By looking up a restaurant’s menus, reading customer reviews and checking out their videos, you can decide if you’d like to dine there, and if you do, you can purchase a dining certificate for half price. There’s a limited amount each month though… and they sell quickly… so don’t hesitate if you see something you’d like to try! SouthFloridaDines.com is fast, easy and fun… Simply find restaurants in your area, add them to your cart, check out, print the gift certificate from your computer and you’ll be dining for half price in no time… it’s that easy! With the videos we have for each restaurant you get to SEE exactly what you’ll get. There’s no club to join, no membership fees, no coupon books, no catch. Simply purchase, print, and save money…You are gonna love this… How do I register for an account? Before you can purchase a dining certificate for half price, you need to register for an account. (It’s FREE) Click on User Login located at the top of the page, then click on Register for a New Account. Enter your information in the fields, and then click on the Register button at the bottom. You will then be allowed to purchase certificates for half price on SouthFloridaDines.com. Some of the fabulous deals our restaurants offer at SouthFloridaDines.com are limited to (1) certificate per household. SouthFloridaDines.com must RESTRICT ACCOUNTS TO ONLY ONE (1) PER HOUSEHOLD. We must restrict the number of accounts in order for us to be fair to our customers and restaurant owners. We verify your accounts by cross checking all new registered users against all of our current customers. We cross check both the mailing address and the billing address. If your addresses match any current customers addresses, your order will be canceled, your credit card will be refunded and your account will be suspended. We must do this in order to be fair to everyone. So in order to prevent this from happening…. Please make sure you only have one account per household. Once your account has been verified you will be able to print any certificates you have purchased. How do I find restaurants I want? After logging into your account, you will be directed to My Account/Order History. Over to the right, you will see an area that says Find Restaurants. You can search by ZIP code, by Keyword (Italian, Mexican, Fine dining, etc.) If you know the name of the restaurant you can do a search by alphabet. And we have provided a quick location search by geographical area like Boca Raton, Jupiter, Coral Springs, West Palm Beach, Miami, Stuart, etc. Once see something that interests you, click on the logo and you’ll be on that restaurant’s page where you can see videos, menus, customer reviews, a complete description and you can purchase a dining certificate for 50% off!



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