West Palm Beach CureSearch Walk News


West Palm Beach CureSearch Walk News

Walk Date: February 4, 2012  
Location: Meyer Amphitheater  
Fundraising Goal: $75,000  
Raised to Date: $3,645  
Weeks to Walk: 9  

The West Palm Beach CureSearch Walk ~ Conquering Children’s Cancer Together is just around the corner and starting to pick up momentum. It is time to register your team name, so that walkers and donors can support your fundraising efforts this year. Thank you for your continued support of CureSearch! We are so excited to have the 2nd Annual West Palm Beach CureSearch Walk event at Meyer Amphitheater on February 04, 2012.

It is our goal to include every family in the area that has been touched by childhood cancer. You can help us by encouraging your friends, family, co-workers, and the community to champion our cause. We hope to make this day a special day for all children, their families and the doctors and nurses who have cared for them. If you have not yet registered your team or as an individual to walk with us on February 4th we welcome you to join us and registertoday!

Every penny puts us one step closer to fund the trials that could lead to less harmful treatments and ultimately cures. Please join us as we Conquer Children’s Cancer Together!

Fundraising Tips

Register…Set a goal…recruit your team…ask for donations…

1) Register your team name
2) If you have not set a team goal, remember to log in, go to MY HQ on the tool bar, and edit team page. If you are having trouble editing or setting your team goal on your page, please email me and I can assist with this feature.
3) Individual Walkers and Virtual Walkers – can begin to register on a team or as an individual. If you do not see your team name that you register on from last year, please feel free to contact the team captain. Team Captains, it is our goal to have every team from 2011 Walk registered this week so walkers can join your teams.

Setting a team goal is fun not only for funds you want to raise, but also for people you want to invite to walk and raise funds with you as we celebrate together on walk day. The money that each walker raises on your team goes towards your team goal.

Each person registered for the walk (and on your team) will receive a personal fundraising page – it is an easy and effective tool to tell everyone you know! If you are already registered don’t forget to edit your page, add a photo and share your story as we work toward finding new treatments and cures for childhood cancers through the important work of the over 178 hospitals across the country that are members of the Children’s Oncology Group (COG). We would like to thank our local COG Hospital in West Palm Beach, St. Mary’s Hospital for your participation and support.

Where do I send my donations?

Many teams have collected funds through car wash fundraisers, garage sales, writing letters, etc. and are probably wondering “Where do I send my donations?” We recommend mailing the donations in to our office prior to walk day. This will allow us to update your team pages before walk day.
(*new regional office location)
5970 Fairview Road, Suite 718
Charlotte, NC 28210

*Please place a note inside with the walker’s name for the funds to be attributed to and the Team Name

If you need any assistance logging into the websiteor your personal fundraising page to make edits, please do not hesitate to contact me at Jim.Steiner@curesearch.org or give me a call at 704-643-7075 or 704-728-3116.

The CureSearch Walk celebrates and honors those whose lives have been affected by children’s cancer, while raising funds for lifesaving research. Only research cures children’s cancer! We truly value and appreciate your passion and support, thank you!

Kind Regards,

Jim Steiner
Regional Development Director, Southeast
CureSearch for Children’s Cancer


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