Relax, Try New Adventures, and Enjoy Life in a GREAT Laid Back Country.

For a lot of reasons Belize may just be a top ten destination. 

Belize is a quiet, quirky little country. It doesn’t attract the attention of the mainstream media very often. It doesn’t have a mega-budget to promote itself as the next “in” place for tourists. It doesn’t feature a Trump Tower…celebrities don’t flock to its beaches…and it’s not in financial meltdown.

So you’re not likely to see it on a billboard, gracing the pages of a glossy magazine, or splashed across your TV screen anytime soon.

For that reason, it’s easy to overlook Belize when you’re considering a retirement or second home destination. And that’s a shame. Because Belize has a lot to offer.

Here are some of the highlights that might make you put Belize on your shortlist of retirement or second home destinations:

It’s close to the US. You can fly to Belize from Miami in two hours, for example. There are seven direct flights to Belize from U.S. cities. And once you land, it’s easy to get round. The country is only the size of Massachusetts, and well-served by highways and domestic airstrips. Belize is also within driving distance of Cancun, Mexico.

It’s English-speaking. This is a huge plus for anyone that doesn’t want to learn a foreign language. You’ll start to settle in, and make friends, from the moment you arrive in Belize.

Belize’s currency is pegged to the U.S. dollar. One U.S. dollar equals two Belizean dollars. This cuts out the worry of exchange rate fluctuations. Plus, many hotels, restaurants and retail outlets accept U.S. dollars.

Belize offers an easy retirement program called the Qualified Retirement Program (QRP). This program is available to those aged 45 and over, with a proven income of at least $2000 a month. Alternatively, you can apply for permanent residency. You must have lived in Belize for a year, and you need to show how you will support yourself financially in Belize.

Belize is a Caribbean country, without the stratospheric property price tags you see elsewhere in the Caribbean. Property prices remain relatively affordable here. You can buy a home site for $44,000…in an established community.

There’s lots to do. You can scuba dive through coral gardens…kayak down foaming river rapids…or snorkel over the jewel-like reef (the second-largest in the world). You can climb a Mayan temple…trek through a misty cloud forest…or catch a rare glimpse of a jaguar or tapir.

Belize Barrier Reef
No, this not an aquarium…it’s the Belize Barrier Reef

You can try different taste combinations, too. Belize’s cooking reflects her rich cultural heritage, which mixes influences and flavors from Spanish, Mayan and Garifuna cuisine. Fresh fish features heavily on restaurant menus…including conch, snapper, grouper, shrimp, lobster and squid.

The country hosts many festivals and cultural celebrations. The Film Festival takes place in June; Carnival and Independence Day in September; and the Taste of Belize festival in October. There’s always an event waiting to happen…

You can truly relax in Belize. I don’t just mean drifting to sleep in your hammock in the tropical afternoons, either. This small country isn’t crowded, or running on a pressure-cooker schedule. It’s tranquil…easy going…and manageable, with warm and welcoming locals.

Belize beach lifestyle
Slowing down is easy here…and you’ll enjoy life more

In Belize you can slow down, chill out, try new adventures…and start enjoying life again.

If you’d like to see if the serene Belize lifestyle is one that suits you, try a Belize chill weekend. These three day trips are set in Corozal, voted a top retirement spot by the AARP. You’ll explore this tranquil location…see Mayan ruins…and enjoy a seafood grill on the beach.

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