A great looking location, Rio Celeste Untouched Costa Rica Paradise

Rio Celeste Untouched Costa Rica Paradise
By Tee
Considered to be the Crown Jewel of Northern Costa Rica, the naturally blue river will amaze visitors who decide to take the adventure to see this natural wonder. Although a bit difficult to get to, it won’t be a disappoint… you will see something unforgettable!To see the Rio Celeste you first need to hike through the dense tropical forest at Tenorio Volcano National Park, located in the north west region of Guanacaste. The scenery is simply breathtaking so the trek will not seem as difficult as it is seems with the surrounding background acting as breathtaking backdrop. Soon however, it will be come apparent why the trek was worth it… the sound of rushing water. Flowing the muddy trails, the first thing you will see is the exceptional waterfall.The Rio Celeste at the base of the waterfall is a natural river of water that is a spectacular color of blue. Folkloric legend attributes the unique and almost unnatural color of blue to the fact that when God painted the sky, he washed is blue brushes in the river and this is how the magnificent blue color came about.

Magnificent Costa Rica Adventure

The steep descent to see this natural wonder. In addition, the park is home to rare tapirs, which are a treat to see. If you continue past the waterfall, the trails will lead you to Los Tenideros, a spot where two clear water streams converge to create a large current. When the two streams met, the combined flow of water creates magic right before your eyes….. the water turns blue! How does this occur….. it’s magic….. actually it is the result of a chemical reaction, the combination of volcanic minerals such as sulfur and calcium carbonates combining resulting in the spectacular blue color.

Considered to be one of the most interesting spots in Costa Rica, Tenorio Park is still a well kept secret with a substantially less visitors in comparison to such spots as Manuel Antonio National Park. This is definitely a place that you need to make time for when you plan your Costa Rica adventure vacation!




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