Want to try a new experience in the Ft Pierce Area.

Want to try a new experience in the Ft Pierce Area.
Motorized Kayak Adventures
Imagine the pleasure of gliding across a waterway in a battery powered motorized kayak, leisurely cruising along at about 2-4 knots, and the only sounds you hear are the calls of ospreys, kingfishers, herons, and the soft gurgling noise of the passing water.

You are in complete control as you effortlessly navigate your motorized kayak under the direction of an experienced guide into an eco-system that few have witnessed. Kayaking through a densely canopied mangrove jungle is like stepping back in time. Forget your problems for at least a few hours, relax, look, see, listen. Find that peaceful connection with nature and take it with you wherever you may go.

Effortlessly glide through canopied mangrove forests
aboard a battery-powered motororized kayak. Your
naturalist guide occasionally offers insights, allowing
moments for a serene connection with the eco-system.
Nature remains undisturbed with only the calls of wading
birds and a soft gurgling of passing water while you
traverse the spectacular backwaters of the Indian
River Lagoon and St. Lucie River Estuary System.
2116 Old Dixie Highway
Fort Pierce, Fl. 34946
Fort Pierce—Ph. (772) 380-6815

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One Response to “Want to try a new experience in the Ft Pierce Area.”

  1. Hal Says:

    Really looks like a fun time and very interesting time with the family.

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