The World’s Top Ten Retirement Havens in 10 days- France.

The World’s Top Ten Retirement Havens in 10 days.

Are you prepared for your retirement? Do you feel you are well on the way to creating a comfortable life for yourself in your retirement years? But have you given any thought to what the current economic climate is doing to your retirement nest egg—if so, you are likely to be concerned…

Unfortunately, retirement for many is just a dream, due to the increasing cost of living in the U.S. It is sickening to think, that after years of working hard to make ends meet and putting aside money for your dream retirement, that you may be forced to give up that dream. All because you will struggle to afford health care and living costs.

And this doom and gloom does not only apply to those thinking of retiring in the near future. Today’s U.S. baby boomers are approaching retirement at a time when the U.S. economy is sluggish, the bear market has pummeled their investment portfolios, and retirement pensions are no longer a sure thing.

They will likely face greater financial pressures in retirement than their parents did. And in greater numbers than ever, they will seek out alternatives to merely scraping by in the U.S.

But every day, a savvy few join the ranks of retirees living like royalty—but on tiny budgets. These people left the U.S. behind and got more for their retirement dollar in greener pastures.


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France has all the ingredients we look for at International Living: good food, good wine, haute couture, a good climate, unspoiled countryside, glittering culture, excellent health care, colorful traditions and history, and, as a bonus, the glamour and sophistication of Paris—arguably the world’s most bewitching capital. If you’re contemplating a new life in Europe, you’ll find that few other European countries can match what France has to offer—especially when you consider price.

The choice of properties selling for less than $100,000 is incredible. And we’re not just talking about ruins and renovation projects, either. The trickiest thing will be deciding which bit of France holds the most allure for you. It could be the wild, rocky shores of Celtic Brittany, steeped in heritage and tradition…or sun-drenched Provence, with its rolling hills and lavender fields, broken by the turquoise sea of the Côte d’Azur…or the castles and sleepy villages of medieval holdings in the Dordogne…

If good health care, a relaxed lifestyle, and all the modern comforts you enjoy at home are among your top priorities, then France should be on your radar.


France has a mostly temperate climate, though there are many regional variations. Average winter temperatures range from 32° F to 46° F and average summer temperatures from 61° F to 75° F.

Cost of living

For most couples living in a typical village house outside of the coldest alpine regions, gas and electricity costs are likely to be in the region of $30 per month in spring and summer, and around $75 monthly in winter.

Infrastructure is excellent, particularly the transport network. All sizable towns have a bus network with good coverage. Many cities also have an underground train service, known as the Métro. Paris has one, of course, but so too do Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Toulouse, and Rennes.

Health care

According to a recent study by the World Health Organization (WHO), France provides the best overall health care system in the entire world. North American retirees will have to buy private medical insurance when they retire in France.

Once you retire to France, you may be able to transfer your health care plan to a French provider, or even to one of the many British companies that specialize in providing coverage for individual expatriates. This may prove cheaper: Costs depend on age and medical history, but if you’re in good health, monthly premiums average $125. If you are staying in France for a year or more, a cost-effective option is to buy into a group plan.

Where to look in France

Paris is one of the world’s great cities and many expatriates have found a home away from home here. Parts of the capital are surprisingly affordable, but bear in mind that you’re unlikely to stumble across a large, inexpensive apartment right in its historic heart. That said, a Paris pied-à-terre could turn out to be a great investment, and it doesn’t take huge sums to get on the property ladder.

Here are some more areas to look at in France:


The northern area, known as the Périgord Vert at the tip of the Dordogne bordering the Limousin region, has the best pickings.


For wild coastline, ancient forests, and windswept moors, it’s hard to beat Brittany. Local traditions are strong in Brittany, and attract keen sailors, hikers and nature lovers in the summer. Outside the summer, coastal villages are likely to be very, very quiet, so if you intend to spend most of your time in this part of the world, make sure that the village nearest you is a real village that doesn’t just pack up and close its shutters in winter.

The Limousin

The Limousin, consisting of three départements: the Haute Vienne, the Creuse, and the Corrèze, has an abundance of authentic stone buildings and farms for sale, and is one of the lesser known regions of France, even for the French. Offering hills, plains, moors, fruit orchards and forests, a multitude of lakes and clean streams and rivers, it’s deepest rural France at its best.


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