Central Florida Pie Festival in Celebration.

The Central Florida Pie Festival in Celebration ended at 5PM today. If you missed this wonderful festival you truly missed out on a great time.  The weather was fantastic and the town of Celebration could not have been more welcoming. There were many food vendors there for you to chose from as well as the stores of the town and restuarts.  But the mind goal on this day was PIE. For the low price of $10 you were offered unlimited access to dozens of pie providers. You also had water and coffee included in your $10 price.  The pies were great and the assortment was very large. After gorging yourself on pie you had the rest of the day to wander around the town and enjoy the atmosphere. If you missed this year you better mark your calendar for next year as this is a wonderful way to spend the day with the family or just with friends.  Celebration is the Disney built town and you can get there from any where is central Florida.  Remember at Pie Fest you just have to enjoy yourself and eat a lot of pie. But be ready to meet the pie police when you leave.



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One Response to “Central Florida Pie Festival in Celebration.”

  1. cori Says:

    This was great make sure you go next year.

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