CureSearch Walk celebrates and honors those whose lives have been affected by children’s cancer, while raising funds for lifesaving research.

Walk Date: Sunday, February 6, 2011 Location: Meyer Amphitheater, 9AM Fundraising Goal: $50,000 Raised to Date: $7,105 Weeks to Walk: 11 Last week was the Team Captain Kick-off Party. There was a lot of great sharing and conversation. We talked a lot about hosting home letter writing parties to get all team members fundraising and involved and how to get schools rallied around our efforts by hosting a week long jar war or other program. There are two samples attached for your reference and idea sparking…if you want more details please email or call me directly – I’m happy to work on a plan with you! Now that we have “officially” kicked off there is no time like the present to register your team and begin your fundraising efforts to help support the Children’s Oncology Group and our quest to cure children’s cancer! Every penny puts us one step closer to fund the trials that could lead to less harmful treatments and ultimately cures. Also, now is the perfect time to invite other families, companies and organizations to get involved to take part. We want the entire pediatric cancer community involved – 100% of proceeds benefit pediatric cancer research through the COG! Please join us as we Conquer Children’s Cancer Together and register your team today!


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