Florida offers one of the big races before the Kentucky Derby.

March 24, 2015

Florida offers one of the big races before the Kentucky Derby. The Florida Derby is south Florida’s show case race.


Clydesdale Horses coming to the Treasure Coast.

March 1, 2015

Clydesdale Horses & Eagle Lands in Stuart!

There will be several opportunities to see the Budweiser Clydesdales on the Treasure Coast starting next week and continuing through March 9.

While the famous horses featured in Budweiser commercials are booked for 10 days at the St. Lucie County Fair, they also will be making other appearances across the Treasure Coast, including for the first time in Stuart and Vero Beach. “They’re coming here for the 50th anniversary of the fair and since they’ll be here for a while we thought we’d put them out in other areas too,” said Southern Eagle Ambassador Tommy Padrick.The Fort Pierce-based beer distributor worked with the Anheuser-Busch Brewing Company to bring the horses back to the fair, which starts Friday and continues through March 8.

St. Lucie County Fair Manager Jeanne Keaton said in the last 14 years, the Clydesdales have come “probably six or seven times.” “They’re very well-schooled, very well trained horses. It’s fascinating to see them maneuver,” Keaton said.

Anheuser-Busch created the iconic eight-horse team of Clydesdales pulling their brewery wagon in 1933 to celebrate the repeal of Prohibition.

“They’re big beautiful horses that are going to be walking around downtown Stuart,” said Bill Moore, owner of Kilwin’s and Stuart Coffee Company. “I’ve never seen a horse walking the streets of downtown Stuart and we’ve been there 15 years now. It’s just so different and unique and will be fun for visitors to see.”

The Clydesdales’ visit will coincide with the unveiling of the latest installment to the city’s Art in Public Places program, a bronze eagle sculpture sponsored by Southern Eagle President Philip Busch, said Jim Chrulski, the city’s legislative and economics strategy manager.

The horses will go to Vero Beach March 1. They’ll start at Riverside Park and head east on Beachland Boulevard to Ocean Drive.

They will visit Archie’s Seabreeze and other Fort Pierce spots March 5.

Padrick said the horses will have police escorts during all their visits. No roads will be closed but it will be a “slow going photo opportunity,” he said.

The horses travel with three 50-foot semis. Two carry the horses, the third transports a red, white and gold beer wagon and other equipment.

“People love the Budweiser Clydesdale horses,” Padrick said. “They just look forward to it every time we can bring them down here.”

The Budweiser Clydesdales will be at the 50th annual St. Lucie County Fair Feb. 27 to March 8 but will also make other appearances:

Grant Seafood Fest next weekend.

February 22, 2015

grant 2015

Get ready for the Grant Seafood Fest. This is the BEST Seafood Festival of the year!!!!
Check it out!!!


Anthony’s Key Resort is some place you should check out.

February 5, 2015

Roatan’s legendary dive/adventure resort Anthony’s Key Resort is a great place when you can dive or relax. Check out this world class resort.


Join us January 24th 2015 for the 9th Annual Port Salerno Seafood Festival

January 24, 2015

Port Salerno fest.This is a great little Festival with some really great seafood.

We are pleased to announce an Exciting New Layout for 2015
that will better accommodate our continued growth!

Festival Hours are from 10:00am to 8:00pm with most food served from 11:00am to 7:00pm.

Gate Admission:
Advance Tickets: $5.00 available for purchase at Seacoast Bank locations from Jan 7th thru Jan 22nd
Tickets at the Gate: $10.00 Children 12 and under Free


It’s frog festival time in Fellsmere Florida this weekend.

January 13, 2015

January 15 through the 18th is time to be in Fellsmere to support their yearly fundraiser. You get a chance to have frog leg dinners alligator tail dinner or a combination there is also a carnival in a lot of things to do. Feel free to shop from all the crafters that are lined up there offering all types of items.

How it all began…
In 1990, several Fellsmere citizens expressed concern about the lack of funds for the children’s recreation. As a result, Fran Adams and the local residents got together and came up with the unique idea of a Frog Leg Dinner to entice people to come out to Fellsmere and to help raise the necessary funds.

Unaware that the Frog Leg Dinner would be such a success, many of the volunteers helped set up for the first dinner and then left thinking they would not be needed. Wrong! The few remaining volunteers worked frantically until every Frog Leg Dinner was served. 400 Dinners were sold that night and thus, the beginning of what we now know as the Frog Leg Festival.

We take pride that since the festival’s inception over $500,000 has been donated to youth recreation and to the volunteer organizations that give of their time and their efforts to work at the festival.

The Frog Leg Festival is comprised of dedicated volunteers who meet all year long to make it possible. This year we expect to serve 7,000 dinners and plan to see over 80,000 people attend the festival.

Costa Rica government puts country in Jeopardy.

December 1, 2014

What is the government of Costa Rica thinking??? A 20% budget increase

over last year and NO budget cuts anywhere!!!! Come on!!!


Are you looking for great dive locations to visit.

August 17, 2014

The top 10 locations have been identified by Scuba Diver Life. See where you should be diving in the U.S. These are 10 locations that should be on your bucket list. See what you think.


Costa Rica

July 13, 2014

We will be starting a weeks series on Costa Rica’s Lake Arenal next week.

costa rica

Go on a vacation that will leave you in aw.

July 11, 2014

If you have never been to Roatan to go diving your missing alot.

The Roatan Marine Park (RMP) is a grass roots, community-based, non-profit organization located on the island of Roatan, 50 kilometers off the mainland coast of Honduras.

Our organization was formed in January 2005 when a group of concerned dive operators and local businesses united in an effort to protect Roatan’s fragile coral reefs. Initially, it was our goal to run a patrol program within the Sandy Bay-West End Marine Reserve (SBWEMR), to prevent over exploitation through unsustainable fishing practices. Over time, we expanded the scope of our environmental efforts through the addition of other programs encompassing the entire island.

At present, the RMP, together with the Bay Islands Conservation Association (BICA), co-manages the Reserve, which is a nationally recognised marine protected area located along the northwest coast of Roatan. A Memorandum of Agreement was signed with the ICF (National Institute of Conservation and Forestry Development, Protected Areas and Wildlife) to allow the RMP to be a co-manager of the Reserve. The ICF is the governmental institution responsible for the administration of all Honduran protected areas.

The RMP runs a broad range of activities to protect Roatan’s natural resources, including patrols and infrastructure, education, conservation and public awareness. We attend government enforced environmental damage inspections and provide environmental impact assessments (EIAs) on sites of proposed developments on the island. We have also assisted in establishing the first-ever plastic bottle recycling program on the island, introduced a “Bags for Life” campaign (which promotes the use of re-usable shopping bags), and have been instrumental in setting up community empowerment initiatives through supporting the creation of the Water Taxis Association and the Fisherman’s Alliance.

With a rapidly developing island, the number of challenges we face increases every day. We are focusing on engaging diverse community stakeholders to aid in developing solutions that can ensure long-term, sustainable management of our natural resources.